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Class Cancellation due to the Swine inFLUenza
Wednesday, August 5, 2009 . 0 word(s) .
Dear students,

Regarding the Swine Flu that spreading nowadays, our college has taken prevention action that is all the classes for tomorrow (6 August 2009) until Friday (7 August 2009) will be postpone. Same goes to the all activities that planned to be held on that those day will be also postpone.

So, take this opportunity to completed all the tutorials, assignments and so forth. U are allowed to go back to ur hometown BUT I think U prefer stay to complete all the uncomplete 'things' he he he... & please... please...please... take care of urself k. Drink a lot of water and go to clinic ASAP when you've fever.

You have to come back to class on Monday (10 August 2009).

Thank You.

Click the links below for Swine Flu(H1N1) information:

Thanks for reading :)

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